About dgE
Delta Group Engineering (dgE) is a general engineering house with 30+ years of experience across many industries; AeroSpace, PetroChem, Manufacturing, Construction, Aluminium, Food, Utilities, Financial, Retail, R&D, Software & Quality Assurance.  We have solved many problems over the years, but one key project was to develop a Mathematical Model, Computational Algorithm & the Solution Architecture for an Australian Information Technology (IT) services company (shown by the logo in the footer). It is extremely rare (professionally) to work on (& deliver) a totally new & radical concept, never before seen in the market, & with no foreseeable competition. Most significant projects worldwide, deliver incremental improvements or changes to the industry, built upon the work of many others. However, we were given the opportunity to solve an important commercial universal problem, yielding critical capabilities to Users within the IT industry. The solution delivered is a revolution & quite obviously, we are very proud of it. The project consumed 14 months of R&D, 7 years of field testing & 6 months of coding to complete.

dgE has a modestly funded research arm described by The Quinta Essentia (QE) Project; a fundamental physical research program. The research material contained herein is available for download, distribution & reproduction, on the basis that dgE is credited where applicable. We also provide student funding for projects addressing fundamental research questions in Physics.

To apply, please send an e-mail with “Request for Research Funding Program (RFP)” in the subject line; however, please be aware that demand exceeds supply & a strong application is required. Each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis, with the results of the funded research (by successful applicants) residing in the public domain. All funded research projects are required to satisfy relevant Australian Taxation Laws for qualification to the Research Funding Program.